Things I Wish

  • That I could love my body.
  • That I could stop eating junk food to lose weight so I could love my body.
  • That my daughter doesn’t hate her body.
  • That my daughter never gets sexually assaulted.
  • That my daughter has the confidence to stand up for herself and that she dates people who respect that.
  • That my son becomes a man who will stand up to his friends if he sees them behaving in a way that would be disrespectful to others.
  • That both of my children become strong, successful, happy, and independent adults.
  • That I will have given my children the skills they need to be independent adults.
  • That I never become estranged from my children.
  • That my friends who are trying to have children succeed.
  • That I had better time management skills.
  • That I could make a living at creative pursuits.
  • That my husband worked fewer hours.
  • That I could turn off my brain more often.
  • That I had better self-esteem and more confidence.
  • That I didn’t second-guess myself all the time.
  • That I didn’t lose my temper with my kids.
  • That I had more time to read.
  • That I was better at not spending money.
  • That we lived in a slightly bigger house.
  • That the words “I wish” hadn’t lost all meaning as I kept writing it out.

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