Projects, part 2

As I mentioned, I recently made a scarf for my RMT out of a Cascade yarn. I promise I’m not shilling for the yarn or the store I’ve linked – it’s simply what I’ve used for these projects. I have lots of other yarns I love to work with. 🙂

That said, Cascade’s 128 Superwash feels incredible, and was wonderful to knit with. I made our daycare provider a large tubular scarf out of the Superwash that I will post shortly, and I’m actually thinking of picking some up to make myself a similar scarf this evening. I did make three cowls out of the Superwash, and they knit up super-fast. Each of the cowls was only one skein, too, which makes them perfect sizes for gifts. I even have a cowl knit up in this blend of colours that has yet to find a home. Into the gift closet I’m creating, I guess! Or maybe one day I’ll set up an Etsy shop for the miscellanea I make and don’t do anything else with.

Finally, I’ve used their Cascade 220 Paints to make the cabled tunic (60 Quick Baby Knits, pattern 43) for the kid, in this Jelly Bean shade in particular. It wasn’t as soft as the Superwash, mainly due to the composition of the yarn, but it was still very nice to work with, and not everyone is as weird about yarn textures as I am.

The full-length picture isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s meant to show what the dress looks like not on. I didn’t block the dress after it was done, so it would be possible to get the ruffles to lie flat if you were so inclined. I had to rip it apart and redo it after starting on too-small needles (I have to downsize all the time, and I downsized too far), so by the time I was done, I wasn’t too keen on doing any more work on the dress. That said, the pattern was very straightforward, and the finished result was quite nice. This dress was in 18 months, if memory serves, and still fits the kid quite well now.


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