Christmas Baking, Day 1

My mom commissioned me to do some baking for her this past weekend, so she’ll have gifts to give out at her Christmas party on Wednesday.

If you’ll forgive the potato-quality photo (and the fact that I haven’t carefully arranged these to be prettier, since I didn’t want to mark up the chocolate), I present 85 Oreo truffles for your viewing pleasure.

After the photo was taken, I tried one (since I had changed the recipe a bit to fit what I had on-hand). Of course, the little one, who has seen these in the fridge and asked, "Chocolate? Chocolate?" each time, spotted what I was up to and made sure to swing by with her usual, "Bite? Bite?" request. About the only time I manage to have a whole meal to myself is at work or when she’s in bed. At least it means she’s trying new things (and no, not just chocolate).