Projects, part 2

As I mentioned, I recently made a scarf for my RMT out of a Cascade yarn. I promise I’m not shilling for the yarn or the store I’ve linked – it’s simply what I’ve used for these projects. I have lots of other yarns I love to work with. 🙂

That said, Cascade’s 128 Superwash feels incredible, and was wonderful to knit with. I made our daycare provider a large tubular scarf out of the Superwash that I will post shortly, and I’m actually thinking of picking some up to make myself a similar scarf this evening. I did make three cowls out of the Superwash, and they knit up super-fast. Each of the cowls was only one skein, too, which makes them perfect sizes for gifts. I even have a cowl knit up in this blend of colours that has yet to find a home. Into the gift closet I’m creating, I guess! Or maybe one day I’ll set up an Etsy shop for the miscellanea I make and don’t do anything else with.

Finally, I’ve used their Cascade 220 Paints to make the cabled tunic (60 Quick Baby Knits, pattern 43) for the kid, in this Jelly Bean shade in particular. It wasn’t as soft as the Superwash, mainly due to the composition of the yarn, but it was still very nice to work with, and not everyone is as weird about yarn textures as I am.

The full-length picture isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s meant to show what the dress looks like not on. I didn’t block the dress after it was done, so it would be possible to get the ruffles to lie flat if you were so inclined. I had to rip it apart and redo it after starting on too-small needles (I have to downsize all the time, and I downsized too far), so by the time I was done, I wasn’t too keen on doing any more work on the dress. That said, the pattern was very straightforward, and the finished result was quite nice. This dress was in 18 months, if memory serves, and still fits the kid quite well now.

Projects, part 1

Apparently as an adult, I have an inability to sit still.

Well, I do sitting really well, but I usually find I need to be doing something while I’m sitting, and just watching tv isn’t enough.

So I’m pretty much constantly with some form of knitting project or another in my hands. I enjoy the start of something new, the crafting and the creation of something out of nothing – just like with cooking, where the same half-dozen or so ingredients can create all kinds of different foods.

However, I tend to lose focus when it comes time to actually finish said projects. The weaving in of the ends, the grafting together of the pieces… it’s just not the same. Same thing for cross stitching – I find the actual development of the image to be fun, but the outlining and the detail work is more tiresome.

But, every now and again I do manage to finish projects. Usually when they’re gifts for someone else (though even then, not always). I don’t always remember to take pictures of them before I give them away, but with the Christmas gifts I have made this year, I have.

So I present to you the scarf I made for my massage therapist. (I also gave her a tin of cookies, but I didn’t bother to photograph those, since I’ll be posting pictures of those later).

The pattern came from Cascade Yarn’s 60 More Quick Knits book, and was pattern number 19, Lace-Panel Scarf, page 60. I knit it using the Cascade 220 Sport, in what if memory serves, was their Really Red. My RMT said red was her favourite colour, and with her colouring I didn’t want to go too orangey-red or too blue-red (the second being my preference for red), so I picked the red that seemed to be between the two.

Christmas Baking, Day 1

My mom commissioned me to do some baking for her this past weekend, so she’ll have gifts to give out at her Christmas party on Wednesday.

If you’ll forgive the potato-quality photo (and the fact that I haven’t carefully arranged these to be prettier, since I didn’t want to mark up the chocolate), I present 85 Oreo truffles for your viewing pleasure.

After the photo was taken, I tried one (since I had changed the recipe a bit to fit what I had on-hand). Of course, the little one, who has seen these in the fridge and asked, "Chocolate? Chocolate?" each time, spotted what I was up to and made sure to swing by with her usual, "Bite? Bite?" request. About the only time I manage to have a whole meal to myself is at work or when she’s in bed. At least it means she’s trying new things (and no, not just chocolate).

Christmas and so on

So, I can’t believe it myself, but I’m going to shoot myself in the foot by immortalizing it here — I am done with my Christmas shopping, and I have finished all of the gifts I was making.

I can’t believe it either. I am the queen of procrastination (see my blogs?), I am the matriarch of the unfinished project (ask the DH, our house is a monument to half-finished knitting and cross stitch projects and even clay figures), and I am usually going until the last minute.

Sure, I could continue baking cookies, and I might, but really, seven different kinds of cookies and one tray of no-fail fudge is good.

I would say I could make more handmade gifts, but there aren’t really any more to do. Except for one gag gift for my sister, that’s the last item I have. I do have to do the finishing work on the ones I have finished, but those are easy enough to take care of.

And yes, I have to wrap everything. But I don’t want to wrap and put things under the tree too soon, because I fear the kid might decide to start opening presents. And seeing presents under the tree for the next two weeks might be unfair to her. This is the kid who, until a few weeks ago, kept asking if we were going to “more more trick or treat?”. Now she only asks every few days. Continue reading