Trying something not-so-new

So lately I’ve been feeling the creative bug something fierce. My last few posts here, I’ve learned that what I was once warned about has in fact happened; I’ve lost my ability to write creatively, and even worse, I seem to have lost the ability to write in my own voice. Years of writing ‘creatively’ for the feds has borked me over, and that’s depressing.

A friend of mine has taken it upon himself to push me to write regularly, and wants to see a schedule for that. I appreciate the push, but I also know my tendency to take on too much at once and then get upset with myself with I don’t have the time or energy to devote to any given interest. Right now, I’m training for a race at the end of September, and that’s taking up a decent amount of my free time, so I’m trying not to beat myself up too much over the lack of progress on the creative fronts.

That said, I feel I have things to say, so it’s my intention that I’ll make the effort to put those words to paper or screen, as it may be. Right now, a lot of my non-creative, non-work focus is on my kid, so I suspect that what will be easier for now will be to become a (yack) mommy blogger.

Of course, I deliberately started up a different site for those posts back when she was born, so this one will be kept for whatever other random content I feel like posting. Maybe eventually a voice or focus will come out, or maybe I’ll end up retiring this blog for awhile because of its lack of focus. Blogging has changed significantly since I first started, and I’m fearful that I’ve missed the boat — or am trying to jump on it after it’s already passed. And if Canada Fitness Tests taught me anything as a kid, I’m not a good jumper.

But we’ll see, and if nothing else, after September 29th, I should have some more free time — and hopefully some exciting race results to share.



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