Not really music to one’s ears

Trying to describe dubstep – as someone not very versed in the genre – is rather embarrassing.

“It kinda goes ‘wub wub wub scree scree scree’?”

Take me seriously after that, please.

But at least it’s energizing on the days I just want to nap, and will serve as good run timing music.

On another note, I recently watched the entire run of The Glades, and as much as I love how gaga Jim is over Callie and the way they develop and treat their relationship, the car commercials in the show are an embarrassment to screenwriting and advertising alike.

They are so very out of place, and they even get lampshaded in one episode. Given how poorly they’re put in I almost wonder if that’s a deliberate move on the part of the writers and producers, but I’m sure we could never be so lucky.

And producers of Bones, don’t think we don’t notice you doing it too.


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