Trying to get back in the saddle

It has been busy lately.

In the mornings, I have a meeting at 8:30 a.m., and I have to phone in/show up prepared with my assessment of the news as it pertains to my work. So that means that my little free time mornings are now occupied with reading the clips and making sure I’m ready to dial in. I’ve also found myself many mornings with work that needs to be done (or at least the desire to get things done), so as much as I’ve wanted to, I haven’t written anything. As you may have noticed.

So anyhow, life moves on. I’ve been trying to get at a bunch of craft projects – yesterday before I got home I was all fired up about finally finishing a piece that’s been taunting me for years – but just lost the enthusiasm for it. I have, however, mostly finished my Christmas shopping (minus my aunt and uncle), and that feels great. Now I just have to finish up the craft projects for the parents and in-laws, and wrap everything, and I’m all good.

And of course, now that I have the time and desire to write, I can’t remember all of the lovely posts that I kept composing in my head.

We’ve continued our annual tradition of decorating the office, and though it’s a bit of a sadder effort than the first year we did it, it’s still nice to see. We took all of the ugliest and tackiest decorations we could find (which reminds me, I still have some ornaments from home to bring in), and have hung them from every surface possible. We’ve also rebuilt the chimney/fireplace that sits by my desk, though it’s not quite as impressive as it was the first time.

I also elected to wear a skirt to work today. Big shock. But it’s supposed to go up to 15 degrees today, they’ve finally figured out how to set the thermostat to something other than ‘ass-chillingly freezing’ in my office, and I thought I should mix things up from my usual dress pants with a sweater look, so here we are.

I’m finding I have more body confidence since my weight loss (not a huge loss, but a good start), and I want to wear more flattering clothes, and I feel nicer in my clothes. My stomach still needs some work – between my lack of abs before the pregnancy and the weight loss and the lack of abs following the pregnancy (plus stretch marks and some loose skin), it’s kinda rough looking. But I gave up wearing belly shirts to the office, so I don’t think it’s too big of a problem.

It can be tough to look in the mirror sometimes, though. Some days I get dressed and feel great, then look in the mirror and realize what’s reflected back there just isn’t as amazing as I think it is. But I’m trying, and sometimes succeeding, and most days I’m happy.


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