I wasn’t lying!

So as you may have noticed (though who are we kidding here, probably not), I didn’t post on Friday or Monday. I have an excuse of sorts, though — Friday I was at home with the little one because her daycare was closed, and Monday I was home sick, likely because of daycare germs. Fortunately, she seems to just have a bit of stuffiness, whereas I got the joys of a cold. Ah well.

That said, I had a pretty good weekend, all told. Friday I got to chill with the little one, as I said, and I think she enjoyed herself. I still can’t get over the fact that here’s a little person who actually likes me and wants to spend time with me. I frequently have doubts as to whether or not my husband or friends enjoy my company, and it’s not necessarily because of anything about them, it’s just my brain and wonderful self-esteem. More on that one later, I’m sure.

Sunday there happened to be a fundraising race in our end of town. They’ve been advertising it for about six months apparently, and I had made noises to the husband about signing up for it. When we started dating, we did the 5k Run for the Cure, but that was many moons ago and I have gotten fatter and slower since then, and this seemed like a reasonable challenge/idea, despite my dislike of anything that involves me moving around and sweating.

He did the 1/2 marathon Army Run last weekend, and he was making noises about not being able to do another race a week later, but then came to me at the end of August and suggested that we do the 10km run on September 30th (there was a 1/2 marathon, 10km, 5km run, 5km run/walk, and I believe a 2km family run/walk, but I don’t think they were time-chipped).

So I hauled my sad little body out to do some runs, and a month later managed to do the 10km run without stopping. Yay, me! My final time was 1:06:30 according to my time chip, which wasn’t too shabby, but was a bit slower than I would’ve liked — the last run I had done was 8.5km, and my average pace was faster than that of race day. However, I’m not used to running with a buddy, so it took some doing to find my pace at first.

Anyhow, I also ran into Jay there, which was unexpected (though I had noticed that his company was one of the event sponsors), so that was nice. We chatted a little bit, but obviously not for too long.

And then yesterday I got to do some cross-stitching and play some WoW, because I am super awesome and exciting that way. I had to keep an eye on the time, since I had to go and pick up the wee one, but it was nice to have some completely selfish me time, and I know the cats enjoyed having me around, too — my maternity leave was pretty much heaven for them, especially Venus.

So as you can see, I don’t have much in the way of exciting things to report, just some bragging about my race. Incidentally, when I was out on mat leave I did the usual mom thing and started up another blog to post there about things kid-related… then I got two posts in and just set it aside for awhile. I’m hoping to focus any posts about the wee one there, which is Shits and Giggles, at http://babybit.wordpress.com/. Follow it, don’t follow it, it’s up to you. 🙂


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