Welcome to the new home. Please take off your shoes.

So, in an attempt to kick my ass into writing while I still have time, and also to avoid the ever-reaching arms of The Googles, I present to you the new home of the I Chase Boys blog. Pretty much the same as the old home, though some tweaks and so on will need to come into place over the next while.

I’ve had so many random thoughts over the last while that have never made it into post form. As per usual, please enjoy the utter randomness of the text to come.

First and foremost: some time ago, the DH bought himself his first ever SmartPhone (he opted for the Samsung Galaxy, for the gadget nerds like myself out there). I was on hand while he asked the clerk all kinds of questions and did his comparison shopping, and I piped in with a few questions and comments myself, as a longer user of smart phones. One of my primary concerns was, naturally, battery life.

In my mind, a smart phone is first and foremost still a technology used to communicate orally with other people. Sure, I abuse the shit out of my texting privileges to some extent, and I will on occasion use my browser to look up vital information online (when is that movie playing? do I have any new emails? what’s going on in the news? do I care yet about Twitter or Facebook?), but for the most part, I expect that my phone will function reasonably well when I require its telephonic services.

Part of this reliability means having a battery life that lasts longer than a mouse fart. Now, the clerk was using the same model phone as the one my DH was considering, and had a number of applications running on it at the time. So I asked about the battery life (having turned off a lot of things on mine to help prolong said battery life). His response?

“Well, most of the time people are near a charger of some kind nowadays, so I just keep mind plugged in when I’m at work or in the car. Otherwise, yeah, it lasts about a day.”

…buh? All hail our new telephonic technological devices, whereby batteries don’t last for shit because we’re too occupied needing to know when our farms on farmville are about to be bought out by Monsanto! (Okay, so I don’t play Farmville, but that’s a thing, right?)

Grr. I know it’s nothing to be crabby about, but when has that ever stopped me, really?

On a note about something that’s bothering me right this minute? Fuck you Yahoo.ca for your new email interface that only works for shit about once an hour. You don’t always automatically put me at the end of my mailbox, you’re unreliable when it comes to deleting emails either individually or en masse, you love to jump me backwards through my emails when I’m just trying to read the newest, and you insist on using flash to do things. Then you turn into a jerkass and freeze up so that I can’t do a damn thing with you, short of several log outs and reloads of the page.

I have a diatribe about online life and privacy, but I think I’ll save that for another post to make it seem like I’m actually writing things and shit.

And btw – the ichaseboys.com URL isn’t working just yet. I’m sorting it out, I swear.


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