As you may have heard, we had an earthquake here today. As my parents are out of town, I decided to drive over to check on my mom’s cat and the house in general — plus just to visit with Big Fat Shadowcat, since she loves company and she’s a complete and utter sweetheart.

Here’s the email I just sent my dad following that visit:


Well, the good news is that the house seems fine and Shadowcat also seems fine. She was very happy to have some company, and barked at me from the kitchen while I patrolled the house (didn’t check out your bedroom, though). She got lots of pats and that made her very kitty happy.

The bad news is that because you have the thermostat set so high, you might come home to earwigs. I was setting up my coffee maker chez moi when an earwig fell from my shirt on to the counter, so the cats got to watch as I freaked out. By the time I’d grabbed something to kill it, it had disappeared, despite my patiently waiting for it. So now I’ve set my kitchen on fire and I’m not going back in there, Moe’s whining be damned.

Also there was a rabbit in your front yard, so I said hi to it and apologized for not having carrots with me.



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