I needed that.

Yesterday was rough. I was morose, I was annoyed, I was frustrated, I was definitely not wanting to spend the night hanging around the house.

I had to return some DVDs and the weather was good, so shortly after I got home, I went out on the motorcycle. I planned on just cruising around afterwards, maybe stopping someplace for dinner — no real plans. When I finished my errand, I found a text message from JR telling me about plans to go out and celebrate RJ’s last day in the city. The weather held out, so I joined up with everyone and had fun.

It was a small group, but contained people whose company I enjoy and hadn’t seen in awhile, so it was perfect, and I left in better spirits.

On a separate note… I understand people who become stressed from school, work, home life, etc. I suffer from it as well (although apparently my body likes to demonstrate its stress through things like acne breakouts — thanks body!). Sometimes I have a shorter temper and snap at people, but I do try to apologize when it happens. Most of the time, I get told not to worry about it.

That said… if you spend literally months on end snapping at people, being short-tempered and drinking to deal with your stress? Maybe you need to re-evaluate your coping mechanisms. It’s not fair to put your issues on others’ shoulders, and people will quickly get fed up and possibly cut you out of their lives, stop inviting you out, whatever, as a result.

Just a complaint I’ve been holding on to for awhile. I have some relationship-related stuff to post, but I think that’s going to be saved for LJ. Though as an amusing side-note (okay, amusing to me):

I wore my cupcake underwear for the wedding we attended in Wawa. The DB gave me a hard time about it, saying I could’ve worn my fancy-lacy underwear or some such — ’cause after all, everyone’s underwear gets examined at a wedding for appropriateness (also, I should point out that the only time he says or used to say anything about my underwear is when the bra and underwear don’t match — which they never do, as I’m a rebel like that).

So, not only did I wear my cupcake underwear to the wedding, but I wore them as well to my grandfather’s funeral (and yes, I washed them in between this) — and after the funeral and the condolence-line, I discovered that my fly had been open the whole time. I’m the model of appropriate behaviour at funerals… flipping off my dad at Puppy’s funeral, telling my mom to stop hitting on me at this one… I’m awesome.


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