Well, I’m now back from the funeral and associated joys that such an occasion brings.

Observations? Well, at several times during the trip down and time there, I could’ve cheerfully tossed various family members out of moving cars or available windows. Ah, how stress benefits us all.

Otherwise, life carries on as per usual. I have nothing really to report — I did have some ideas for a posting earlier today or yesterday, but now I’ve forgotten it completely. As usual, my cats are adorable, my boyfriend is pretty solid (when he isn’t driving me nuts), and I haven’t had nearly enough sleep to be coherent in any way, shape or form.

Not to mention, I appear to be riding a full-out babble lately. Fun for everyone around me, I’m sure.

I also appear to have developed narcolepsy, or I’m having a delayed reaction to the fun of the last week. Saturday I passed out on the plane immediately after finishing a cup of coffee, Sunday I passed out mid-can of pop, and yesterday I passed out before dinner… but after a few glasses of wine, so I can be forgiven.

The DB and I made the trip to lascivious Wawa, Ontario last weekend, a trip to rival the debauchery to be had in Las Vegas, for the wedding of one of his good friends from high school and thereafter. I keep raving about how nice and friendly everyone was, and what a good time I had, and it’s true. Sure, I was a tad extra-goofy because of the full bottle of wine I had with my meal and the reception, but for the most part, I geniunely wasn’t horrendously drunk, just happily so — but it lead to gems such as the following:

Oh, I am indeed one classy broad.


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  1. Did you drive all the way to Wawa, or fly to Thunder Bay and drive up?That’s my old neighborhood! (Kindof… anything in a 10 hour driving radius of Winnipeg counts as “close” when you’re out there.)-Jay

  2. No, we drove to Wawa. Took an overnight stop in Sudbury on the way up, but coming back it was pretty much a straight run (minus a short dinner stop in Sudbury on the way back).

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