Dear people of the world:

If you put it on the Internet, it’s not private. This applies to everything from UseNet to blogs to Livejournal to Facebook to If you choose to make information publically available, even if your definition of ‘public’ is ‘one other person,’ if it involves the Internet in any way, you have thereby given up all rights or expectations to privacy.

If you’re worried about people googling your name and turning up nefarious activities, don’t use your real name. If someone writes in the “How do you know this person?” section of Facebook something that implies you two have had sex and you don’t want the world to know, don’t accept it. Or, perhaps, don’t add them as a friend. Or get over your prudish self. Or something, I don’t know. But if you put it online or allow it to happen, get over yourself when someone else finds out.

Someone who’s tired of explaining this over and over again.

Secondly, things I learned at Microplay (a used video game store):
It’s not always necessary to buy the largest memory card available for use in your PSP. For example, as long as you’re not downloading tonnes of music or saving UMDs (universal media discs — game/movie cartridges used in the PSP) directly to your memory card, a 1 gig will more than likely be plenty large for you. For example, if you look at this here game, you can see that it only requires 512kb — that’s kigabytes — worth of space to save. There’s one hundred kigabytes in a megabyte, and either a hundred or a thousand megabytes to a gigabyte… so it’ll be quite awhile before you use it up.

Fortunately, she wasn’t addressing this to me, and I was too amused and apathetic to jump in and correct her.


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