A few weeks ago, I was reasonably certain my biological clock gave off a tick. No big deal, it does this about once every 18 months or so, and I figure it’s all part of the normal process of getting old (which I’m doing daily).

However, I think my clock may have ticked again today — possibly even twice.

I’m so not ready for this…

Even scarier is the whole “do you want kids?” question that gets asked in relationships now, or even the mental evaluation of “is this guy going to be a good father?” that goes on.

And I thought it was bad when I started looking for wedding rings when I was checking guys out.



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  1. You’ll be going through this more and more often as you approach 30 years of age or so, at which point, you’ll begin to transform into an irrepressibly horny Sex Goddess. If you have kids before then, you probably won’t catch the wave until around 40. But at that point… geez. You think you get horny now?

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