The animals, they are out to get me.

There’s an intact tom who’s been hanging around my neighbourhood the last few weeks, begging for some ladies to come out that he can seduce. Thena’s told him a few dirty words, but that doesn’t seem to have discouraged him too much at this point. On Sunday, when I was about to leave the house, he was right at my front door and trying to get in. Then, when I went to the garage to get my bike, he followed me there, nuzzling me, and followed me into the garage before he wandered off and explored a little. I didn’t want him to get stuck down there or get hurt, so I called him over and convinced him to leave. Maybe he realized there weren’t any ladies to seduce in the garage.

On my way to my friend’s place, I kept getting stuck behind Sunday driver slowpokes, so I decided to head to the next street I needed a few blocks sooner, which is a route that takes me by my work. As I was slowing down to make the right turn onto the street that goes directly in front of my building, I noticed there was a dead mallard drake right on the curb — it looked as though someone hit him while he was crossing the street, or getting ready to cross. I’ve seen a mallard mated pair across the street in the big field, and we’re quiet near some locks that are a popular attraction, so it’s quite possible he’s the one I’ve seen on previous occasions. He’s even acted as the greeter at the building across the street. He was still there this morning, and I found it very upsetting.


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