It’s kinda bad and kinda funny when, in an otherwise professional meeting, your coworker (about whom you’ve heard and have also picked up on a hint or two that said coworker may have kinky leanings) mentions tormenting clients with rubber hoses and something else, including a desk drawer.

My immediate response? “Sounds like a fun Friday evening.”

What did I actually do? Start laughing.

Upon noticing my reaction, said coworker simply says, “Don’t go there.”

I told said coworker after the meeting what I was thinking, and said coworker responded something akin to, “I know, which is why I told you ‘Don’t go there.'”

I think my reactions on the two occasions I can think of that this has come up may have outed me somewhat. Either that or my usual defense of, “I have friends who are kinky” may be yet protecting me. I don’t think said coworker is fooled, though.


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