I feel upset and bothered about something I can’t put my fingers on. I don’t understand it, but it seems to be targeted to one particular person who, realistically, has done nothing to incur my wrath, and yet…

Andrea and I had fun out Friday night. We had some dinner and a couple of drinks and talked about sex and boys — big surprise. Then we went to a nearby martini bar that I rather like, and listened to the DJ spin drum and beats music (that I’ve since been trying to get my hands on), and tried to talk some more. Unfortunately, the music was rather loud, and we’d picked up a fan.

A teacher from the local college happened to find us attractive (hey, it happens, especially when we were all decked out), and was chatting us up. He was seated closest to Andrea, so she was the one that benefited the most from his attention, and they even exchanged contact info at the end of the night. I’d gone to the DJ at one point to ask him who he was spinning, and I got slightly chatted-up by an artist who was asking what I was up to, but that was as far as it went. Well, after I rubbed the furry old-school Atari logo on the tshirt he was wearing under his button-down shirt.

We did some dancing, and Andrea was persuading me to show off some of my stripper moves — well, one of them. I kept all of my clothes on, relax. 🙂 I’d downed the last of my fourth martini to try to get a bit of a buzz on, and the dumb thing was that none of my booze actually hit me until after we’d left the club. So I got to take a drunken bus ride home — and then I ended up staying up for an hour afterwards chatting with people online. Fortunately, as I’m a pleasant drunk, no one was offended by what I had to say. 🙂

I watched a few movies yesterday, as I tried to get rid of my post-booze, post-period headache (yay for my body double-whammying me), including the Benchwarmers, XXX2 and later, Lucky Number Slevin. Before you judge me, they were all free on my Rogers on Demand, which is one reason/time to watch dumb/bad movies. Benchwarmers actually did have a few lines where I laughed out loud, but yes, was otherwise quite stupid. XXX2 was okay for the car chases and the explosions. Lucky Number Slevin was well-done, but in some cases it almost seemed like it was trying to be too slick for itself — though maybe it’s just because I’ve seen that formula in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and various other non-Guy Ritchie movies that I can’t think of at the moment.

I’m currently watching Batman Begins (I guess I’m on a bit of a Morgan Freeman kick), and while I do enjoy it, I really hate Katie Holmes in it. Actually, I really dislike her, period, and it’s only gotten worse since she got brain-washed by Tom Cruise and could no longer say anything that wasn’t already approved in triplicate by her Scientologist handlers (ever notice she never says anything other than how wonderful and amazing everything is?). But nuts to her, I really loved and hated Cillian Murphy in the movie. I saw him in Red Eye also, and he’s just so damn good at doing creepy psychopath, yet he’s really quite gorgeous. I think it’s a bit like when I first encountered James Marsters in Buffy — I hated his character at first and was utterly creeped/freaked out by him, and then I wanted to fuck his brains out.

I’d also love it if my laptop’s wireless would stay connected for more than an hour at a time. Rebooting seemed to help yesterday, but… *sigh* Stupid cranky thing.


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