Happy 2007 peoples. I’ve declared 2007 to be the year of Lesbian Jen. I’m starting off slowly — just eyebrows at ladies and so on for now, building to the big lesbian orgy on December 31, 2007. Come midnight that night, I will revert to Heterosexual Jen.

Of course the difficulty in this is that I do still like the cock. So we may never progress much beyond eyebrows at ladies. We’ll see.

The streets outside are shit, so I’m hoping this forecasted +8 really does roll around. I spent part of tonight feeling as though I was going to cry, and I came close a moment or two, but a walk and a chat with a good friend helped a great deal. A later phone call also helped. The attention and compliments I’ve been getting from various people from my past and present has been interesting this week, and definitely flattering. It’s comforting and heartwarming to know that I’m thought of fondly, or positively. It’s also interesting to learn what positive qualities I have/had to people, and it’s niec to be able to joke about a relationship or a sexual relationship with an ex-. I have a few exes I’m on good terms with, and I’m glad for once in my life to be able to be in that place. I used to always have problems maintaining a friendship after the breakup, and it’s really nice that that’s changed — or is being worked on, in some cases.

Anyhow, in short, it’s been a pretty good year for 2006, and I’m hoping that it only improves. Here’s to great friends, great company, great ambitions, great times, and great sex. I thank you all for following through another sometimes-arduous year with me, and I appreciate your being here for the next part.


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  1. It certainly is an arduous journey but we’re here for you. Or at least we’ll log on and be here virtually for you now and then. Good luck with that lesbianism thing.Thanks to your inspiration, I will attempt this year to drive at least one woman to lesbianism. I’ve never accomplished that before so it’ll be new territory. Plus it’ll potentially benefit you. You never know…

  2. Well, the comments are always appreciated – it makes me feel like I’m not writing in the vacuum I suspect awaits my every word. :)And hey, if your plan doesn’t work, you can always claim you drove me to lesbianism? Hrm. I got nothing.

  3. Okay, but I’m working on lesbianizing a girl down here. I need to polish her off first before I head up there. She’s proving to be a tough nut to crack though. I tried forcing her to wear slutty outfits and I introduced some belittling ‘terms of endearment’ she must respond to. If she’s affronted by any of that, she’s hiding it behind a rather convincing facade. I need to rethink my strategy. Maybe I should insist on inviting some horny unattached girls to come over for dinner.

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