GLR and I were seated on my couch in the living room, me in my blue horizontal-striped shirt and nothing else (or so it seemed), and he barefoot, shirtless, and in jeans. In came two girls through my backdoor, who proceeded to speak to him and ignore me. They knew him, though still spoke to him in a derogatory manner, and when he called their attention to me and the fact that it was my apartment and so they should at the very least acknowledge me, they transferred their derogatory comments to me.

I stood, revealing that I was wearing underwear in addition to my t-shirt, and ignored the faces they made at the fact that my body was chunkier and softer than their underfed selves. I said something that indicated the fact that I was unimpressed with their treatment of GLR and myself, and that they were in my home and not especially welcome. I then headed towards my bedroom to find a pair of jeans to put on, as I felt that I’d have a better leg to stand on if I were dressed.

At some point in my walk to the bedroom, I woke up. I have strange dreams.


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