As if we needed further proof that my city is a small and incestuous place, two examples:

1. A friend of Greek Literary Reference’s (hereafter known as GLR, until I come up with something better) works at the same place that the Smooshy works at. Rumour has it he asked the Smooshy if he knew me, and identified himself as knowing someone I know or something — didn’t get all of the details on that one.

2. Turns out the Newf knows the Spook’s roommate; he was in the bar the last time I was there and recognized me. Didn’t say anything to me, though, and I didn’t see/recognize him.

I was going to write more, but I’m running out of time, and these few words have been a bit of a struggle on their own. I’m out of the habit of writing. *sigh*


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