Dear crazy people,

Oh how I appreciate that you spend so much of your time and energy devoted to entertaining me. Really, it’s a sacrifice for you, I know, but I really do thank you for it. You make my mornings just a little bit better through your efforts.

To whit:

The paper: The Record (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo)
The date: 2006.04.12
The reason: Opinion

The headline: Pornography is pollution

The letter:

I was compelled to write when I read Mirko Petricevic’s article on April 3 on Internet pornography, You Can Lose Your Life.

I agree wholeheartedly that pornography isolates men from their wives or girlfriends and family.

One other important source was not addressed in this article which I think should be addressed. It is commonly known as “soft porn,” and it is found everywhere in the form of adult movies and magazines.

These soft porn pictures also take a man’s focus off his wife or girlfriend and direct his attention on a fantasy and comparison. Pornography teaches men to dehumanize women by viewing them as sexual objects.

It sends a message to the wife or girlfriend that she is not worthy. It is like a bomb exploding in her heart and in her despair she leaves to escape the pain.

I think it has become an epidemic and should be exposed for what it is — polluting the mind and soul.

The crazy lady author: Maria Weber, Waterloo

Once again… thank you.


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