Livejournal can be good

Sometimes, you find gems in livejournal icons. I’ve seen this with a few different accounts, so I don’t feel bad transcribing it here:

  • “Your stupid”? My stupid what?
  • Your throws of ecstacy send me into throes of amusement.
  • You can defuse a bomb. But diffusing it might be a bad idea.
  • Your is not mine. You’re means you are.
  • Thru is only a word if you’re referring to getting a hamburger in your car.
  • Per se means of itself. Per say is only how you pronounce it.
  • Fire is fiery. Burn all misspellings.
  • A horde is a large group of people, often unruly. To hoard is to gather, and often references dragons.
  • Et cetera does not abbreviate to ect., ecc., or et. Etc.
  • E.g. means for example, and i.e. means that is. I.e., always be correct.
  • You should definitely spell definitely definitely.
  • If you had a d, you wouldn’t deserve congratulations.
  • A lot is two words. Allot means to distribute.
  • Never enter your pin number on an atm machine. You could get the HIV virus.
  • If you really did have baited breath, you would smell rather fishy.
  • Rouge is a colour. A rogue isn’t.
  • I before E except after C, or when sounding like a as in neighbour and weigh. Unless it’s weird.

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