So, the view has been put to me that I am in need of more sleep. This is something that a few people have said – and the weird thing is, I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself that much of it. Sure, on some occasions (last night springs to mind, for example), but most nights I’m in bed by midnight and up around 7. Then again, Sunday’s 11-hour sleepathon should probably demonstrate to me that I’m depriving myself somewhere… that and passing out for an hour at my desk yesterday. That was nice, though. 🙂

Tuesday afternoon I had my interview. As always with these things, I feel that I probably blew it. The bf drove me to it and then picked me up from it, and we went back to my place so I could change into real people clothes, bake cookies, then head out for dinner. I was vaguely tired, but a little too keyed up (or not interested enough) to take a nap. Instead, I baked cookies for PF, who was coming out with us for dinner.

We had our weekly Pho ritual with Ben, Ben’s gf, Eric, the paramedic and then PF, and after that we went to a scary park to play some Frisbee. I got wound up, yelling stupid things and fake-flashing people, including talking about how I prefer to be on the bottom out of laziness or something of the sort… I forget now, but it was really funny at the time.

Eventually I got tired of hurting my hands and just kept sticking my feet out to try to stop the Frisbee, and I enjoyed making Ben wince by fake-dragging it along the ground. The bf yelled out helpful things like, “Catch it, hon!” and “Jump, hon!” when the Frisbee went far beyond me, so I joined in the abuse and did my best to aim the Frisbee over his head as often as I could. 🙂

After Frisbee, we were considering going to go out to play video games, but the bf was too knackered, so he invited us out to my place for video games there. 🙂 En route back to the cars, the boys talked over weekend plans, and I was informed that I was invited – including a bbq Friday the bf was insistent he’d told me about, but that I hadn’t been told anything about. It’s been worked out, though. 🙂

We played some video games, played some Trivial Pursuit 90s edition – and here it was established that the boys live in caves – PF molested my poor kitties (Venus especially), and then they left. I was so tired I could’ve gone to bed at 9:00, or so I felt. 😛 I got to bed a bit before midnight, and was back off to work.

Yesterday was fairly calm – I managed a long nap across my lunch hour, which was good and bad. And that was after a coffee. 😛

Ah well… last night I went to see Sahara with the boy after my training session, ’cause we haven’t been out in a little bit (aside from dinners), and we both wanted to see it. I managed to get the dumb line for my candy purchase, and he did something that slowed up the whole dinner process, but we managed to get food, candy, seats and so on eventually.

So Sahara was pretty good, and unlike the last movie I saw in theatres, Sin City, there weren’t any parts I had to look away. 🙂 The only part that made me go “Gah!” out loud was one involving a knife and some hands – and of course, that’s just one of my squicks. Subsequent shots seems to show that the injury hadn’t actually happened, so that was okay.

Afterwards, we went to the bookstore so that the bf could get a book he was looking for, and I spent some time saying hi to former coworkers/bosses. One of the coworkers sort of brought up a past story involving D, and I shared it again with the bf later, and I reflected on how it was a shame that some people aren’t open-minded enough about issues; that they have to laugh at other people for what they happen to enjoy. Just because it isn’t someone’s cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Within reason.

And sure, I have my list of “OMG, I really don’t ever want to try that!” or “Umm… somewhat icky” but I try to keep from putting down those who might be into something of the sort. Ah well, there are many reasons I don’t miss working there.

The rest of the evening was pretty decent, though my mood took a bit of a downturn and I wound up inside my head – and I’m still somewhat there now, as this morning’s post may indicate. Nothing horrid, just some stuff on my mind that I think is there because of lack of sleep (and possibly stupid birth control). Or at least, that’s why it’s staying there. I’ll live, I’m sure.

I have a gaming session tonight that’s going to be fairly painful, I think. I’m just zonked, and the evening is going to be another late one, I suspect… and then my kitties haven’t seen much of me this week, and aren’t likely to see much of me this weekend… I’m a bad mom. 😦


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