And because I don’t feel like providing real content (saving that for a story I’m working on), have some quotes:

[16:18] (novocain) shit its 4:20

[16:19] *** THC_420 (VR66@ has joined #winprog

(andy) I want to live in a camaro, not a van.

(WIP) You can’t put a waterbed in a camaro.

(andy) that sounds suspiciously like a bet.

(Ded`work) “Roses are red, violets are blue, all of my base, are belong to you”…heh, cute

(Ded`work) a geek valetine poem

(Arcturus) Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF

(phillys) rofl

(Jen’s note – those are both t-shirts available through ThinkGeek.)

(oliciv) Roses are red,

(oliciv) violets are blue,

(oliciv) badger badger badger,

(oliciv) badger badger mushroom

(Mild) a choose your own adventure hamlet would be nice too

(Mild) To be, turn to page 73.

(Colby) Some people are like Slinkys. They don’t really do anything, but it’s still funny when one of them takes a tumble down the stairs.

(evildoer) EXCERRENT

(Kitsa) what are you babbling on about?


(Kitsa) lol

(Kitsa) ah


(Kitsa) flea market?

(evildoer) yas

(Kitsa) what did you barter, your spelling ability?

(zhevinakeer) I’m 3/4ths polish, 1/4th italian. I can cook, I can eat, and I DAMN well know how to put a screen door on a submarine.

Wryol: Ouch

Blood4Shame: What?

Wryol: Nothing

Blood4Shame: What is wrong hun?Wryol: ……brb

Blood4Shame: Ok?

Wryol: Accidentally cumming on cuts burns and stings more than Peroxcide.

Blood4Shame: Aww… Well it’s calcium, so good for the bones, right?

Wryol: …Remind me never to mention things like that to you again.

(@LazyMan13) [¥] Lag: 1.048 seconds [¥] Project Infusion v0.0.3 [¥]

* @LazyMan13 gives up

* +Knights slides his dick out of Lazy’s connection and zips his pants…

(@LazyMan13) [¥] Lag: 0.102 seconds [¥] Project Infusion v0.0.3 [¥]

(@LazyMan13) …..

(@LazyMan13) damn you Knights

(missing) a chick walks by, u wish u could sex her

(missing) but ya standin on the wall like u was poindexter!

(akaIDIOT) since when is sex a verb?

(corngrits) i had sex

(corngrits) isnt that a verb ?

(ceraph) no, thats a miracle

(webby_g[work]) some guy just forgot his login and NEEDED to print out some work, so I let him login into my account and print it off, aren’t I NICE?

(Zarei) no now all your bases will belong to him

(webby_g[work]) he was supervised, so if he did try to me up me the bomb, he would have had no chance to survive make his time.

(vogon) abortion should be mandatory if the child possesses the goth gene.

(vogon) and how do we know what the goth gene is, you ask? it’s the one that’s all robed in black and writing bad poetry.

(vogon) “Here I sit / trapped in my double-helix cell / polymerase taunts me with every mitosis / I want to die.”

Now I’m off to do some writing. Or maybe some cross stitching, since it’s coming up on lunch time — after I go get the docket. See, I do work!


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