The Drunken Whore Spouts Random Nonsense

… and no, I’m not drunk at the moment, either. I’ve just had a few thoughts floating about that I keep meaning to coalesce into actual posts, but they never seem to work out that way, so here we go.

I would love to be fucked hard and violently right now. Sink your teeth into the sides and back of my neck, dig your nails into my ass, shove me up against a wall and kiss me hard, press your hardon against me and make me feel that you’re as on the edge as I am. Throw me down, take me from behind, hard and fast and deep, smack my ass, bite me more, rake your nails down my back.

From there…

It’s interesting and weird sometimes to have sex with an ex-, especially when one or both of you have been with other people in the meantime. It’s interesting to see how their or your technique may have changed, and how you respond differently to each other now, given how you’ve been ‘trained’ to someone else’s touch and responses. It’s weird to be with an ex- when they have new moves, and you think, ‘I never taught you this.’


Being with someone new after not having been with anyone new for awhile is also interesting, especially when their technique is better. All of a sudden, you’re reminded, ‘hey, the world doesn’t work in quickies,’ or ‘hey, two hours can be spent on a single session of sex, not three of them,’ or ‘hey, I’ve finally found someone who understands when I say ‘ow’ or ‘go slow’ that I mean ‘ow’ or ‘go slow’.’ Hell, they may not even need to be told, ‘go slow’ — it’s just their style. Sure, they may not know how to cup your balls the way the ex- used to, or how hard they can get away with smacking your ass, but those are things that can be learned in time; technique or style, while it can be changed, is usually more ingrained in a person, I think.


Is it weird that I bought a box of condoms today based solely on the packaging? I like Durex, and they have this brand of “Love” condoms — apparently less latex-y, thinner, with the wider shape at the head — and I was curious, and I bought them. I considered also buying the box I usually like to get, the Intense Sensations ones, but I figured that this new box, added to my current stash, would probably keep me going for a little while.

I said it back at the beginning of these postings; I enjoy buying condoms, and picking out the new box. It’s fun, so I guess it’s funny that I can laugh at myself and the way I get suckered into buying things. Hell, I’ve bought condoms ’cause they were on sale, or ’cause I just felt like it. Buying condoms = getting laid. Getting laid = fun. I plan on having a lot of fun in the near future, and this year in general. But safe fun — hence the condoms.


It would be really nice to find someone who was kinky in the same regards as I am. Ideally someone who was my opposite, too; it’s no fun dating someone more passive or more submissive than you in bed. Take charge, throw someone around, don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Aggression and confidence and command is *hot* — so long as you’re cautious not to be an asshole or a bitch along with it. Make sure your attention is wanted and so on.

It’d be great to find someone to play with, especially when I have some nice birthday presents and other toys to enjoy. Ah well, soon, soon soon…

The sad thing is, this is the way my mind works more often than those coherent, single-topic posts I usually manage to achieve. Sort of. I guess this is what cold medication does to a person, eh?


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