And so, it came to pass…

…that it was time for this site to finally move to its own, independent URL. There will likely be a site tweaking in the nearish future for The Whore’s Boudoir; there are some changes I would like to make, and I’m overdue to do things like update the archives and so on. I may even change systems, but I’m undecided on that part.

Anyhow, I know I’m severely overdue to update this site, but various life circumstances are sucking my will to live/update, so to my fans/passers-by, I apologize for leaving you hanging. Rest assured, the Drunken Whore you know and love is alive and well, just without sharing it here just yet. Or something.

For now, the new URL just redirects you to this site, but it’s a little more compact, a little more fun, and it makes a little more sense:

As always, I thank you guys for being here and for staying with me through infrequent updates. This site’s for you, and I’m glad you see fit to stay around and share it. I really appreciate it, believe me.


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