Note to self: When killing off a half bottle of wine in addition to the half-Smirnoff you have already drunk, it is not necessary to finish off the Smirnoff “so it won’t go to waste.”

However, observe the following formulae:

Several *long*, stressful days at work + nap + copious amounts of booze (first time I typed it it had 3 o’s) + good food + good conversation/evening out = much more satisfying

Add in a backrub and *maybe* an orgasm or twelve, and I’d be almost willing to work a stressful week every week. For now, I’m going to bed.

Hooray for still being tipsy! (I haven’t been like this in too long). I’m fun when I’m tipsy. Too bad all of you are off having your own fun and missing out. This definitely beats sleeping all evening and watching DVDs with the demon beast (sorry Thena). 🙂


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