(thcip) Answering Machine: Did you ever hear one of those corny, positive messages on someone’s answering machine? “Hi, It’s a great day and I’m out enjoying it right now. I hope you are too. The thought for the day is ‘Share the love.'” Beep.” “Uh, yeah…this is the VD clinic calling…Speaking of being positive, your test is back. Stop sharing the love”

ritilan: and in 2 years u can have your first drink

Halo: Yeah, I cant wait!

Halo: Because I’ve never had any alcohol before, honest.

ritilan: i belive u

Halo: Then you are gullible

ritilan: yes well there is that too

Halo: Because let me tell ya, I’m a pretty raging alcoholic

ritilan: i find it helps to keep the voices in my head quite

ritilan: at least i think it does

Halo: I sing show tunes to myself in order to keep the voices in check

ritilan: is bad when they all sing along

Halo: Yeah, I just refuse to go along when they try that shit


(Wedgie) yay! the flickering stopped..

(Wedgie) I fetched a hammer and looked at the monitor really threatening 🙂

(taglin) ok, so te pretty menu came up and is asking you to add drives?

(suds) yeh

(suds) done that

(taglin) k… whats next?

(suds) weee

(suds) hang on a sec…

(suds) need more rum+coke+spritz of lime

(suds) 🙂

(taglin) heh

(taglin) i think some of the problems with this crazy install could be alcohol related


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