Ah, work conversations:

Me: Sheesh, [male coworker]’s talking about the boob again

Coworker: ahhh [male coworker]..

Me: ahhh boobs

Coworker: i know. it’s like he’s never seen one. get over it dude.

Me: Yeah, even the boy and I were talking about boobs yesterday. Apparently boys like them.

Me: Maybe that explains why they act like them so often. *ba-dump*

Coworker: hahaha. i just weird that grown men can get so flustered over a boob. it’s just a boob people!

Coworker: if I ever get that worked up over a dink, shoot me.

Consensus today? Boys are dumb. 🙂 Not just ’cause of the boob (i.e., Janet Jackson’s boobs), but it’s a part of it.

Hell, lookit all the hits Jay’s site got when he posted that supposed picture of my boob awhile back. You people are weird.


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