Well, the party. ‘Twas good times; much kissing was had, although I’m not sure that kissing Glord counts. 😉 At least, not in the same way.

Got to see Shawn hitting on a little lady, which was pretty cool. I told him that if they started going out, I had to get ragingly jealous and throw a fit, just for fun. 🙂

Let’s see, highlights… well, there was the dancing/grinding that I got to do with a girl I knew from high school, L. It was nice to see her — I wasn’t ever super-close to her in high school, but I always enjoy her company. She smacked my ass a bunch of times, too. 🙂 At one point, we did a mutual grinding/dancing arrangement with her sitting in a chair and me riding her leg. There were videos made of some of this, and as soon I as become non-stupid, I will figure out how to share them, ’cause I actually don’t look too bad in them, which is a nice change.

Many photos were taken, and some videos, so this means I have some blackmail material for later, especially if I caption them properly — like the Angry Jacobina photo, or the lecherous Ben and Shawn photos. 🙂

Anyhow, as we were all departing, L gave me a couple of kisses, and lots of cuddling. D and I went downstairs to put on our shoes (as we were driving L and a few of her friends to a nearby bar), and I asked D if he found L and I kissing hot. He said a little, but it needed more tongue. Well, when L came down, I told her that D felt our kissing wasn’t good enough, so she and I had a little tongue-session kissing. The funny part is that because L is a good head taller than me, she was backing me up, so I kinda laughed at one point. Apparently that time was better. 🙂

Someone new inquired about my website, so I gave out this address, and now he gets to read about all the fun stuff he missed out on after he left. 😉 Things like, me feeling gross from combining Smirnoff Black Ice with Gord’s yummy hot chocolate, and getting mildly ill, but feeling much better afterwards. I think it may have been the whipped cream in the hot chocolate, actually; my body hates life sometimes, and takes me with it. 😛

All in all, a fairly fun evening. The part that amused me was the kissing, obviously, the being phoned at 8:30 and being told that I had to show up and bring people — as I said later, who exactly was I going to bring? Am I now the Pied Piper or something? C, one of the guys at the party (the one to whom I was giving the hardest time, because I am that kind of a brat), asked if that made my friends all rats — I had to respond in the affirmative. 🙂

Then there was the following exchange:

C [to me, indicating L]: Wow, you’re like a head shorter than her!

Me: Are you calling me short?

Several people, simultaneously: Yes!

Me: Okay, just checking.

And all of the evening was had while sober, or at worst, slightly tipsy. 🙂

Anyhow, I woke up at 20 to 2 today, so I just know that getting up tomorrow is going to be a world of fun. *sigh* Plus, it’s time to dry my hair and get dressed for work, and all that. I think once again, I’m buying my food today. The fun part about being sick over the holidays? I eat next to nothing (which isn’t usual for me), so I saved a fair bit of money on food. Mind you, most of what I ate I made myself, anyhow, but…

Oh, isn’t my life exciting. 😛


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