It’s funny when you run into your coworkers at a bar. It’s especially funny when they were pre-drinking and wind up kinda hitting on you. Then you get to threaten them with comments that you’ll repeat to them later. 🙂

Of course, when they threaten not to visit you during your shift for some perceived infraction, that’s not so good. 😦 🙂

I hope he wasn’t serious with his flirting, that would just make things weird. Especially since … well, won’t go into details. Suffice it to say, I got my flirt on. 😉 And their “buddy” saw me as I was lined up in the coatcheck, and said it was a shame I was leaving, ’cause he was hoping to try out some bad lines on me and such. That was weird and funny, especially since when the group of us was standing around talking, he was the one I was talking to the least. Guys are weird. Must remember to tell the coworker (the nice one, not the antichrist one I used to talk about) about that. 🙂

And I did pretty decently with regards to the nap situation. I think it was ’cause I fell asleep at work that I haven’t been craving the nap this afternoon, although I did have a few moments… not to mention the fact that I got to bed a bit earlier, that certainly helped.

So, all in all, I guess the going to a bar alone thing wasn’t so bad… since everyone but five people that I emailed *suck* and didn’t reply one way or another to the invite out. Therefore, I give up on planning anything for a group larger than one or two people. Since no one ever replies when I send out mass invites, attempting to get mass gatherings together, fuck yas. And I’m kinda serious and kinda kidding when I say that; I am serious about the lack of planning on my part.

Especially since the last two large successful gatherings that I threw were my birthday, which worked out well (in the end), and the dinner party prior to that, which had the lovely presence of R to enhance it, and we won’t go into details ’cause those of you that read my blog at the time or were there know the situation. 😛

I was told today that my looks and personality (essentially) were all in my eyes; that I had an evil look in them that made it seem as if I could snap at any second. It seems every new person that I meet winds up calling me evil at some point or another, without any sort of external prompting. I don’t understand it, but there it is. 😛 This same person said that he liked what I had going on, from what he could see (then made the comment about my eyes). Good times. 🙂

Ah, nothing like a new person flirting with you to make the evening a positive. 😉 But no D, I didn’t pick up, I didn’t get any, and so there, I win the bet. That we didn’t actually make. But there you have it. Why? ‘Cause the only reason these two guys spoke to me/hit on me was because I was talking to someone they already knew — never (i.e., except for once), do guys approach me in bars. 😛 🙂

I did, however, find my dirty pendant, so that made me feel good. *dance* Now I have something to wear and pretend it’s my muse. 🙂

However, for now I think I’m going to take off. I’m pretty zonked and I could use some rest, especially if I’m going to get to the gym tomorrow. In reality, I’m going to probably sleep as late as I can, but still go to the gym and do some exercise. I really don’t want to set my alarm. 😛

Ah, sleep… how I long for you so, and miss you desperately…


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