Where do we go from here?

I’ll be breaking a bit from my established format for this week; I want to write a bit differently for a change.

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Whore’s Boudoir (I’m so unaccustomed to writing that without hyper-linking it). At least, it marks a year since I originally ‘launched’ the site. The first real content appeared a few days later.

The last year of writing here has been fun, enlightening and therapeutic… all kinds of things, really. I started writing because I had an idea for a column that didn’t really fit the established style of my personal blog.

The response to this site has been fantastic. Readership took off much faster than it had (or has yet to have) for the Litterbox (helped in no small part I’m sure to google and yahoo searches for “whore” or “boudoir”), and the sex blogging community of which I’ve found myself a part is just wonderful. Those of you who have watched or used my blogroll on here may have seen the list grow; every time I turn up someone else who has done me the favour of linking to my site, I do the same for theirs. A few of those sites (Word Oyster, Eros Blog, Daze Reader, No-Undies.net) have been wonderful for the growth and exposure of the Whore’s Boudoir, and I hold the people behind them in great regard and appreciation. Not to mention a few of the webmasters and webmistresses (ooh, I love writing that) have become great supporters of myself and my site, and even in a sense, friends.

I remember how surprised and amazed I was the first few times that strangers posted on my site. It took some getting used to to let go of the self-conscious “oh my God my friends are reading this” feeling, but having those strangers post has helped a great deal. I’m usually able to set aside my self-consciousness about my audience and simply work from whatever my muse or my mental needs have demanded. That’s not to say that I’m not aware of my audience; there are in fact several columns that need to not be written for awhile so that I can hide their real-life connections from some of my friends. *grin*

Anyhow, this blog has seen me through several break-ups,celibacy, and hours of thought, effort and conversation. I’ve spent great deals of money in my pursuit of research, and I’ve done it all for you, my readers. Such is the price I pay for being a dedicated sex blogger.

I’ve never pretended to be an advice columnist, although my site has been called such. I’ve never pretended to have all the answers; rather, I just think about things, write about them, then let you discuss them and debate them all you’d like. I’ve found a few references to things I’ve written on other peoples’ sites – either someone mentioning one of my articles in their blog update, or someone commenting, saying, “Go read this article – she talks about it.” I love that.

Some of my columns have written themselves, and these ones often seem to be my favourite. I seem to think that if it writes itself, then it’s a good column. Others have been a real struggle to churn out, and sometimes I’ve just had to step back and take a break – but still you, my readers, return, and I’m so very grateful.

You’ve been tremendously supportive, whether my writings have echoed or contradicted what you’ve personally felt, and two of the best compliments I’ve received had one person telling me I’d made her cry, and the other had someone telling me that sometimes she forgot I was writing from my perspective, that it wasn’t her thoughts here on the screen.

This site has undergone some changes since its inception. I’ve changed the layout, changed the style of archiving, added pictures, added links, added tracking sources, and so on. What does the future hold? Well, I’m hoping still to incorporate audio blogging – so that those of you who are too rushed to read, or want to hear how it sounds in my crazy head, can do so. I’m hoping to incorporate different types of columns; have a section where I review things, have regular articles, whatever. You know – basically rip off every other sex blogger out there, right?

I’m also planning to move this site to a dedicated domain name, and possibly integrate all of my various sites under one heading. Before I do that, though, I’m going to need to learn some more about HTML, Blosxom, Moveable Type, or something; Blogger’s been wonderful, but some things I want to do with it aren’t entirely compatible.

Anyhow, this has been long enough for now. The next little while should see my Archives by Title section finally updated, as well as some minor template repairs. Once again, thank you for having been there for the past year (or smaller amounts of it), and I look forward to continuing to write for you.

Your favourite drunken whore,

Jen X


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