My dad is awesome, he really is. He knows that I’ve been collecting the Buffy and Angel DVDs, and he and my mom were going through WalMart yesterday, and there were a bunch of the sets of DVDs. So he calls me and tells me he’s staring right at a copy of Buffy, season 2, and do I want him to buy it for me?

But of course!

So now, my Buffy and Angel set is complete, at least until December when they release Buffy season 5. This makes me laugh and tells me that my dad is totally awesome. 🙂

I did a book swap with one of my girlfriends yesterday, so she’s trying out my Charlaine Harris vampire books, and I’m trying out “Archangel” and the first of the Anita Blake series. Yesterday was a ladies’ night, and a small crowd, so we were able to discuss books and the idea of starting up a book club. I know I tried something similar with a different group of friends, but I think these ladies and I are a bit more in line in terms of reading interests and such. We’ll see what happens, but it could be cool.

I was also able to discuss intellectual elitism in terms of books, and it was great having other people understand and agree with my point. Made me feel slightly less alone. 🙂

Every once in awhile it’s driven home to me how much I like getting to know new and cool people. It never ceases to entertain and amaze me with just how different everyone and their backgrounds are. Especially when some of the things you’re being told are coming from people you would never expect to hear it from. Yes, I’m ending in a bunch of prepositions, and I’m sorry, but… deal. 🙂

Emotionally, I think I’m at a different place. Of course, I may just be fooling myself, but it seems that way right now. I think I’m dealing better and I think it’s because I have something to move on to, or maybe I’m just deluding myself. It’s all possible.

Didn’t do any events yesterday, just did some more apartment-cleaning and looking for the books for my friend. Watched some episodes of Angel and one of Buffy to remind myself what happened, and chatted for awhile with my girlfriend A, before spending way too long all night with another friend.

Chatting a bit now with D, and just thinking I really ought to get up and get moving on the day. I’m bussing out to the folks’ place in order to get my sweaters, my pills and pester my cats — and I might get a home-cooked meal out of it. That’s not too shabby, eh? 🙂

And, just because this post hasn’t had any Shawn mentions in it so far, here are a few: Shawn is awesome! He smells nice! He let me sleep on him the other day when we watched trashy television! Shawn roolz!

I’m off. 🙂


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