This is a beat of a neat turnaround: Kazaa files lawsuit against music, movie companies. Nice to see ’em fighting back. 🙂

In other Jen news, The Litterbox has sponsors. Check ’em out, and note that I don’t endorse the products one way or another, I just sponsor them. ‘Cause I’m a money-grubbing little whore.

Now, if anyone wants to sponsor Whore’s Boudoir (which is currently affiliated with > ErosBoutique, speak up. I promise, I’ll write again. 😉

Aside from that, life is much the same. Shawn tore my jeans last night, in his Hulk-like effort to toss me around. Made me sad, so I cried. I had a good time at dinner with Glorg, Jacob and Shawn; I don’t know what was in the hot chocolate they served me, but I was practically in hysterics at a few things.

Of course, that could’ve been a symptom of exhaustion and mania, too. As always, I was up too late last night and didn’t get enough sleep today, but I think I’m doing okay. I had a coffee-thing today (French Vanilla), and while I won’t go around lauding the flavour, it wasn’t awful, either.

What else? Being held is nice. Thanks.


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