Slippery When Wet

I think artificial lubricants are, hands down, my most necessary and favourite sexual aide and/or toy. Although a good vibrator … but that’s another column.

I can’t think of any situation that isn’t possibly enhanced with lube — penetration, anal sex, manual sex, oral sex, massage, watching television, going to work…

I love lube, and I do my best to always have a bottle on hand. There are a number of sexual encounters that I would’ve missed out on had it not been for lube.

Let’s face it, as much as condoms can be fun or useful, they tend to absorb natural lubrication like a thirsty person drinks water, especially if the penis at hand is really thick, withdrawing completely a lot (like in position changes or teasing), rubbing against dry skin, or stopping for awhile to engage in some other form of play. Hell, even a hard fucking — as good as if feels — can lead to some dryness and unhappiness.

I love to use lube for handjobs, and I know several guys who love to use it when they jerk off. I don’t know too many women who’ve said the same, but I can’t do without it. Love it.

Anyhow, while many guys I know will readily say they aren’t huge fans of handjobs — “I can do it better myself/head or sex feels better” — I know that many of them also find that lube does help make it better. Lube allows for a tighter grip, an easier slide of your hand, and no need to worry about precum interfering with the easy slide of skin on skin.

The trick with using lube during oral sex is to find one with a pleasant, or at least tolerable, flavour. A lot of adult stores allow you to buy little samples of lube so you can test them out without the investment and potential disappointment of a full-sized bottle. It was from lube samplers that I discovered I really didn’t care for Probe, for example. It’s usually possible to get the flavoured lubes in this form, too.

I do find that some of the warming lubes — Joy Jelly and Motion Lotion, for example — tend not to be the best of lubes and they can feel weird in the mouth. They may not taste ideal, either — sometimes they’re overly sweet in order to overcompensate for the “ickiness” of the parts to which you might be applying it.

But lube can be used to enhave oral sex, as I keep saying and never actually discussing. Lube up your hand and use it at the base of his penis or on his balls, or rub your fingers gently on her labia or inside her. Whatever your partner prefers.

Saliva is an excellent lube to a point. It dries up pretty easily, and it’s easy to run out — especially after a long period of kissing or drinking. K-Y Jelly is also a popular lube, but it’s one of the worst, in my opinion — it was designed for the insertion of medical instruments, and so is meant to break down quickly in the body. It’s not meant for the really long, sex-filled evenings we’re all enjoying.

So after all this advocating lube and trashing other kinds, I suppose it’s only fair to divulge my lube of choice. I won’t claim to have tried many — Probe, Motion Lotion, Joy Jelly, K-Y Jelly and a few lesser knowns whose names haven’t stuck with me — but the one I really like is Wet. I’ve tried to regular and the light formulas and like them both. I find it stays slippery a decent length of time, feels natural and isn’t terribly unpleasant to taste. I wouldn’t want to drink it, but I don’t want to shave off my tastebuds when they come into contact with it, either.

The other advantage to Wet is that it’s a water-based lube, meaning it rinses off easily and is condom-safe. Oil- or silicone-based lubes don’t wash away as easily and aren’t latex-friendly, but can be used with polyurethane condoms. Finally, silicone-based lubes shouldn’t be used with silicone toys — the chemicals interact and your toys wind up warped and ruined.

But there’s no need to take my word for any of this. Go out and pick out a lube and have some slippery fun, whether it’s solo or partnered. If you pick one I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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