I touch myself

Like many of you out there, I like to touch myself. Orgasms are great.

But somtimes it’s fun to just poke and prod at what I have, without it being sexually motivated or oriented.

I also know for a fact that I’m not the only one who does this; it’s just generally considered more acceptable for guys to do — after all, men are expected to, or at least seen to, scratch, adjust, cup, grip, stroke, and show off their parts. Who among us hasn’t seen a guy who rub his nipples or adjust his balls or penis? Nevermind been a guy who’s done the same.

However, how often does a woman get to juggle or jiggle her breasts, pinch her nipples or scratch herself without someone looking at her askance? Guys without class may grip their dicks and juggle ’em to express interest in or disdain for a passing woman, but it’s pretty rare that women will squeeze their boobs together or rub their crotches to return the sentiment (unless I haven’t properly figured out the mating behaviours of the common human, but…).

But I digress. A lot. My body is my temple and it’s mine to poke, prod, pierce, tattoo or display as I please, and I greatly enjoy taking advantage of this fact. Admittedly, I won’t do as such in public, but I do enjoy doing so in situations that others might not necessarily suspect.

To whit, I will tug at my bits or play with my nipples while on the computer, on the phone, watching television, lying in bed… more or less whenever I feel the boredom and desire — which are different from urges, since it’s not exactly sexual in nature.

It livens up a phone interview for a job when you know the other person has no clue you’re sitting in your pyjamas, tugging your labia. It makes me wonder if guys get the same surreptitious pleasure out of manipulating their scrotal sacs or mushing about their penises when checking their email.

Admittedly, bits aren’t always available for our amusements. However, even through various layers of clothing, nipples are always accessible and tons of fun. It’s a game to stroke them gently and try to keep them from retracting into points. (Maybe I’m the only one who plays it, but it’s a game nonetheless).

If one loses, then there’s a pointed nipple or two begging for attention. It’s not time to stroke, punch, pull, roll or squeeze the little buggers, and all in a non-sexual sense. Granted, this could and sometimes does get sexual, but for the most part it’s merely touching that which is there.

There are other erogenous zones to explore, and many of them can be done in a completely innocent manner in public — no one seems to object to seeing someone stroke their arms or nexk, and it certainly feels nice. But when you’re on the phone with a casual friend or a potential future employer, would you rather be stroking your neck, or tugging your privates?


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