You did what where?

In my younger, more adventurous days, I explored many a venue in the public realm. Okay, in simple language; I had a lot of sex in creative places. I must’ve known I was going to be writing a column like this one.

Anyhow, it gave me a bit of insight into the risky and/or outdoor sex world, as well as a bit of experience upon which to draw. And share, of course. After all, what’s the point of doing something cool if you can’t brag about it?

Not that I would ever dream of bragging, of course. I just like to pass on my wisdom and experiences to you, my dear readers, so that you may perhaps learn from them, and use them as you please. Or something like that.

That all said and done, there’s a big amount of appeal to outdoor sex in that it’s a great way of getting caught. At least, that’s the appeal for some people; the one time that I had someone peek into the car I was half-naked in, I was more frightened/brought out of my horny than I was aroused.

However, it’s pretty fun to tag one’s city. Some places require a bit more creativity than others, especially if one of you is significantly taller than the other… and when one partner is 5’2″, as I am, more often than not the other partner is significantly taller.

In situations like that, outdoor sex can provide you with certain advantages that beds and bedrooms might not. Some parks have rock formations, hills, knolls or bleachers that can be used to accomodate longer legs or different angles. As comfortable as beds are, and I highly recommend them for everyday sex, sometimes having a rock or some dirt embedded in your knee is worth it.

There’s also something rather earthy about being naked or semi-naked outdoors. Getting to sit and feel the breeze on body parts that it doesn’t often touch can be a great feeling, as is lying naked in a field of grass. Getting to break societal taboos is yet another appeal, I have to say; we’re brought up from children to not expose our naughty bits in public, so having them out on display in the great outdoors can bring a certain rush to those same bits.

Some people, braver than I, bring outdoor sex into contests. They arrange contests with their friends to see who can have the riskiest sex, or in the oddest location. It sounds like fun, but it also sounds like a lot of stress; having to plan where and when to do it to win the prize… it’s a bit more fun to just be spontaneous and nakers when the urge strikes, I find.

And finally, for some people the risk of being caught or being overheard or seen is the biggest turn-on to the outdoor sex. A quickie with the bedroom door wide open while a party goes on downstairs, or head with friends around the corner, or even a handjob out in the middle of a public pathway can all be extra-hot because both partners know that any minute they could be discovered.

Frankly, I think it’d be hotter getting to finish, but hey — what do I know?


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