1… 2… 3… 4… skin

I’ll admit, most of my penile experiences have been with dicks that didn’t have their own external packaging.

This has meant that on the occasions that I do encounter a gentleman whose toy needs unwrapping, I fall to pieces.

Okay, maybe not. But because it’s not as common in my (turtle)neck of the woods, it can throw a monkey wrench into my confidence.

I find that with head or sex, foreskins pose no problems. In fact, depending on how much foreskin there is and how loose it happens to be, it can be quite fun to suck and tug at with tongue and lips. If you’re feeling especially brave or controlled, teeth can — very carefully — also get involved, in the nibbling sense.

On the other hand, when it comes to manual play, which I generally enjoy, I start to feel awkward. I have the moves down for an unfettered phallus — the grip, the stroke, the speed and so forth — but foreskinned ones are another matter.

Does he like to have the skin moved back and forth across the glans and corona, or a bare hand? Does the feel of a bare hand on slightly moist skin feel chafey, after awhile? Would it hurt if it was pulled too hard?

I realize all of these are questions best left to the individual, or owner of the prepackaged parts. But sometimes — like maybe the first time you encounter it — it can be awkward or uncomfortable to ask these question, so you just do what you can and hope for the best.

All of that said and done, I don’t mind foreskin. I find it changes the appearance of the penis; because the head is hidden and it’s usually moist when it emerges, it almost looks to me to be more … raw. Not sore raw, but untamed. Animalistic. Dirty, in a good way.

What can help to overcome discomfort — if you’re comfortable enough with your partner — is to poke and prod outside of the sexual confines. Explore his member, play with his foreskin, and ask what he likes. Make exploration and education the focus, as opposed to orgasm. This helps alleviate the pressure on both of you, and can lead to some entertaining moments.

Be stupid and have fun with it, and encourage him to get involved. Play around with different grips in an atempt to best accomodate his preferences and your physical abilities — minor things like the way your wrist doesn’t bend backwards at a 125-degree angle.

It can be encouraging to see a formerly playful session turn to something hot and moany. Seeing him grow hard and incoherent from your fiddling can be a real boost to your self-confidence, to say nothing of your mad skillz.


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