My, Grandma, what big teeth you have…

As we grow and develop and learn about ourselves – in the bedroom, or Biblical sense, I mean – most of us tend to develop our own signature moves or mad skillz. For some, that’s a particular affinity for oral sex, or for others the ability to sustain a make-out session for ages without boring either partner.

Now, while I regularly lay claim to many diverse mad skillz – all true, of course – I, too, have a few moves I consider signature. I can’t, of course, detail them all here; for one, most of you would think I was bragging (silly, unknowing fools); for two, I simply don’t have the time; for three, I like to maintain an air of mystery and enigma.. erm, enigmatism; and for four, I want to focus on one for this particular article.

For those of you who’ve been a tad slower on the uptake, I’ll spell it out for you: I like to use my teeth. I wasn’t aware of it until one partner a few years ago pointed it out to me; I tend to nip and nibble, scrape my teeth in sensitive areas and snap them together when I want to express frustration – like when I’m being teased.

Mind you, that’s not to say that using teeth is my “thing,” it’s just something that’s part of my repertoire at this point.

Anyhow, for those men in the reading audience that are currently cringing and crossing their legs together, I’d like to say: yes, it’s entirely possible to use teeth effectively. I’ve made converts of a few people who’ve seen evidence of it, and someone recently backed me up saying that it’s all about control, which is exactly the case.

There are a few rules to using teeth properly. They’re minor things, but they certainly help.

For one, don’t use teeth on dry skin unless that’s the effect you’re going for. If you want to use teeth on your gentleman’s parts, make sure they’re nicely lubed, first. This will go a long way towards producing a feeling that’s very slightly risky – after all, you are using teeth on his best friend – without being painful. It allows your teeth to slide without scraping heavily, and that’s the key thing. If you sense that your teeth are starting to drag or you seem not to be able to move your mouth as smoothly, add some lube, be it saliva or the artificial kind. Trust me; this is not something you want to neglect.

Secondly, even more important, is control. Anytime you’re using teeth on someone’s member, you want to make sure that you can hold your mouth open as wide as it requires. If you’re using teeth while giving head, you don’t want to have your mouth as closed as it would be if you were just sucking away. Hold onto him with your hand to keep his member in place; this will go a long way towards helping, as well.

And finally, this isn’t a move that you want to repeat over and over again. Like many moves during sex, it can be annoying and boring if you don’t mix it up. After all, part of the thrill of using teeth on someone is that it’s a little dangerous and a little exciting as a result – the thrill tends to wear off if you keep it up.

If you’re leery about starting out with this new move on your man, practice on something that will show you if you’re using too much pressure, like a Popsicle or a banana. Be careful not to be shoving anything further down your throat that you can handle, and I’d actually recommend only practicing on the first two to three inches. Teeth are most effective on the head of the dick, and it’s a bit easier for some to maintain control over a smaller region like the head.

Of course, if on the other hand, your problem is that you employ teeth too much during head, there is also another easy solution to this. Whenever you’re giving head, open your jaw a little bit wider, but keep your lips the same distance apart. You can practice it initially by placing your lips over your teeth; you can even do this during head, but it might get somewhat painful after awhile, especially if you’re digging your teeth into your lips or your guy lasts a long time.

Again, control is important. If you have a hard time with your guy thrusting his hips up at your face or something when you’re giving, have him sit up on a couch or chair instead of lying down on a bed. This puts you more in a position of control and restricts his movements a bit more, and it means less strain on your jaw for long sessions of head-giving.

Anyhow, I can’t give away all of my secrets, so I’ll leave you with those thoughts for now. For those of you men who continue to wince and whine, well… find someone you trust to try out some new moves, and perhaps you, too, will be made a convert.


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