The Art of the Tease

It’s funny how sometimes the lack of something that you crave so much can be more powerful – or almost more powerful – than actually receiving that which you crave.

In other words, teasing can be one hell of a powerful turn-on.

The whisper of lips across yours… the brush of stubble across your neck… the warm air blown across your tender parts… all of these can be incredibly stimulating to the one biggest sex organ we all have; and as much as some guys may claim, it’s not their penis, nor is it a woman’s breasts, regardless of how ample they may be.

It’s our brains. Surprised? I hope not.

When your lover is carefully brushing his or her fingers lightly over your skin, or using his or her breath, lips or tongue to stimulate everywhere but those nerves endings you’re feeling awaken, it’s a bigtime stroke to our brains. Your mind starts to anticipate the moment when your lover will finally, finally, kiss your lips or lick your nipple or nibble your neck or lick your clit or lick your dick… and all of a sudden our involuntary reactions take over.

The body strains towards the anticipated touch, the head rises or turns to the side, the chest arches, the legs spread, the hands clench… if you happen to be bound, you may pull against your restraints. If you’re denied the touch, then often some sound or another of exasperation can be heard, possibly followed by grumbling or muttering or whimpering or begging. If you’re like me and steadfastly refuse to beg, then there might be some growling to be heard.

Sometimes, the control snaps. You grab your tormentor’s head, hands, ears, arms, legs… and force them to do what they’re denying you. Or you flip them onto their back and proceed to kiss, caress, stroke, fondle, or fuck the living daylights out of them. Or… you tie them up and start to torture them in return as revenge.

If you’re the one doing the tormenting, as in perhaps the first scenario – before the control breaks – then it can be an incredibly heady feeling to see someone soften or harder, get wet or sweaty, get frustrated and increasingly turned on and more and more desperate for you to just hurry up and give them what they and their bodies so desperately crave… and it can be incredibly arousing for you, too, to see just what your touch (or lack thereof) is doing to someone else.

One has to be in the right mood to ‘perform’ a proper tease, of course. If you simply don’t feel like torturing your lover within an inch of his wits, you’re not going to do a very good job of it. If you’re desperately horny and merely want your lover to be at the same point as you so that the games may begin – be they manual, oral, or intercoursal – then teasing someone properly is hardly going to be in the forefront of your mind.

Instead, it takes a time when you’re feeling aroused, but not too much so. When you’re feeling playful, and fun, lighthearted and mischievous… well, then your lover’s in trouble; or in for a serious treat, depending on your (and his or her) point of view.

Depending on your victim partner, where and when you begin may vary. I know of some people to whom kissing is the biggest turn on, so with someone like that, you’d begin by either completely denying him a kiss and merely kissing all around his chin and cheeks, maybe occasionally passing lightly over his lips or breathing on him, all to get him straining towards you. For others, the feel of lips or teeth on their neck or ears is a huge turn-on, so you might tease her by breathing warm air on these areas, or dragging your beard stubble lightly over the soft skin of her neck.

After you have your partner squirming, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to continue teasing in this vein, or give your partner a little something for his or her patience. Do you continue caressing her breasts with the tips of your fingers, dragging the tips of your fingers up towards her nipples, but never actually touching them? Do you blow warm air across his penis, maybe lightly lick the head or the sides, but never take it completely into your mouth? Personally, I like to


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