Dressing for Sex-cess

I got to go playing in my second favourite store today – the lingerie store. I know my girlfriend will be mad at me, but I simply couldn’t resist, especially as it had been awhile since I last got to explore.

As I was poking through the piles of trashy underwear, I started thinking – and surprisingly enough, it’s probably not about what you’re thinking about.

Well, eventually it wasn’t.

Basically, I started thinking about how it is that putting on certain things can bring on feelings of arousal or nostalgia. Most people fetishize some objects to an extent or another, whether it happens to be trashy lingerie, leatherwear, opera gloves or small, furry rodents. I won’t be talking about the final option today; that’s for another article. Maybe.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting how one can prepare for sex, as it were. For women there’s the shaving, the perfuming, the grooming… and then the napping out of exhaustion after all the preparations are complete.

For men, there’s the showing up.

When you’re going out for an evening with your partner with sex on the brain for later in the evening, it’s easy enough to prepare – at least, as a woman, I find it easy to do so. I shave, I perfume, I bathe, all the things I mentioned before, but then I start digging through the lingerie drawer. It’s great fun choosing the underwear that you’re going to wear later that night, and imagining the look of delight that you will encounter later.

Or the look of horror if your partner isn’t into the underwear you’ve chosen – generally holey granny panties aren’t the biggest turn on.

Anyhow, what I’m trying to get at, in a very roundabout way, is that it’s great fun dressing up sexy. It’s a great way to keep your mind on sex all evening, if that might happen to be a problem for you, and it’s a fantastic way to feel really sexy within yourself.

I feel very sexy when I’ve just freshly showered and shaved and I’m picking out my underwear for the evening. I feel more attractive and more flirtatious when I’m wearing a sexy little thong, and I feel that others pick up on that – which is usually my goal when I’m dressing for sexiness. I think it’s safe to say that not too many girls go out to dance clubs in granny panties – most of the time thongs seem to be the undermentionables of choice for those out on the dance floor.

(An aside that my friends requested I include: I use the term undermentionable or underwear more often than not because I hate the word panty. I can’t explain it, I know it doesn’t necessarily make any sense, but the word itself just bugs me. It sounds lewd, I don’t like it, and that’s just the way it is. According to theSpark.com, women don’t like the word moist; I agree with that, and I include panty on my list.)

Admittedly, the world over doesn’t think that thongs are the ultimate in sexiness; I have male friends who love g-strings, or plain white cotton underwear. I know women who can feel incredibly sexy in regular old underwear – I just know what works for me.

But it’s not just thongs that add to the sexiness I feel when I go out for an evening on the town… or in the bedroom. It’s the pushup bra that matches the thong, or the lack of bra entirely; it depends entirely on the outfit. It’s the stockings and garter belt, or the fuck-me heels that go well with the short black skirt. Or, on very special occasions, the lacy teddy or the corset that complete the ensemble.

That’s not to say I need all of the paraphernalia in order to feel sexy. It can be simply going braless and wearing a flattering top – a boob top, in my friends’ vernacular – that can lead me to feeling sexy and flirty throughout the course of the evening. What it boils down to, in the end, is your attitude going out, and the way others treat you. If you express yourself in a friendly, flirtatious manner, then others will react to you accordingly. If you walk into the bedroom feeling like sex on wheels, then your partner will duly respond, more often than not.

Consequently, I highly recommend everyone take a trip into a lingerie store at some point or another and pick out something they find fun or sexy. It can be something funny like a pair of camouflage underwear, or something that looks like living, breathing sex – whether that be a pair of high heeled slippers with feathers, a white satin nightie, or a black lace bustier. It all depends on what you feel comfortable wearing or what your partner finds sexy, preferably both.


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